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System requirements

Mac OSX: 10.14 and 10.15

MS Windows: 10


Frequently asked questions

How do I contact you?
Please send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.
What transfer rate should I experience?
To determine if you are getting the most efficient Sendplus transfers you must first establish how much internet bandwidth you have available to you. The best way to do this is to go to and find out what your inbound and outbound capacity is.
Once you know your capabilities, you can expect Sendplus to utilise around 80-90% of available capacity. So, for example, if you have 100Mb/s of capacity available to you, then you can expect Sendplus to utilise around 80Mb/s or as Sendplus will report 10MB/s* (10 Megabytes transferred every second)

If you are still not getting the speeds that your internet connection indicates, then you may not have acceleration enabled. This can be set within the user preferences. If you are still not getting accelerated transfers then you may need to open the UDP port 12345 on your firewall. Without this port open Sendplus will default back to a slower protocol for transfers.

*Please note that Sendplus reports transfer rates in MegaBytes per Second (MB/s), this is different to the way your internet bandwidth is reported, in MegaBits per Second (Mb/s).
I can’t seem to login
Ensure that your login and password is correct. If you have forgotten your password then click on the forgot password link and a password reset link will be sent to you. Check proxy server settings (if you happen to use a proxy server). Check if you need and activated any SSO.
Do I need to open any firewall ports?
The following ports should be open on your firewall for optimal Sendplus operation:

TCP port 80, TCP port 443

TCP port 5222
How fast can I send files?
Sendplus will utilize around 80% of your available bandwidth in accelerated mode. It won't monopolize all your connection so you can carry on sending emails and browsing the internet at the same time.
Does my recipient need to download Sendplus to retrieve the files?
No, once registered your recipient can download the files you have sent them by logging into the sendplus website. However, there are some advantages to them downloading and installing the desktop client.
To download from the website your recipient must wait for you to finish uploading the file, with the download client they can start downloading the files immediately without waiting for the upload to complete. Only desktop client downloads take advantage of the network acceleration, so the client will download that content much faster.
Do I need any browser plugins?
No browser plugins are required to receive content. Files can be downloaded from the web app, or via the desktop application.
How can I track my file transfer?
The desktop client and the web application will show you if the recipient has started downloading the content, how much of it they have downloaded, and how much longer it will take for them to download the files. It will also show you if the recipient has cancelled or paused the download. When the transfer is complete and the recipient has finished downloading the content, the transfer monitor will show a large green tick.
What platforms (OS) do you support?
Sendplus runs on Windows and Mac OSX .
How reliable is Sendplus?
The Sendplus infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and has built-in redundancy to provide 99.999% uptime.
Can I access Sendplus from everywhere?
You can monitor and download transfer from anywhere via the secure Sendplus web application. The web app has been optimised to work on both desktop and mobile devices.
Can I send multiple files or folder structures?
Yes, Sendplus will accept any number of files as a payload. It will also allow you to drop complete folder structures onto the client to send and will maintain that structure on delivery. This allows users to send packaged media formats like RED or XDCAM.
Can I send my transfer to multiple recipients simultaneously?
Currently, no. Sendplus will only allow sends to a single recipient. In a planned future release we will enable multiple recipients via a software update.
How long are my files held on your servers?
We will cache your files encrypted on our servers for 3 weeks. In that time you can resend them without having to re-upload.
Is there a mobile version of your application?
The Sendplus web application will scale to mobile devices, with an optimized UI.
Can I manage bandwidth allocation for the Sendplus transfers?
This feature will be released shortly.
How secure are my transfers?
The data sent via Sendplus is 256bit encrypted, and cached and encrypted on our servers. All Sendplus infrastructure is ISO27001 compliant, and has been audited for MPAA and CDSA compliance.
Checking network connection
The best way to check your available bandwidth is with the inbuilt diagnostics tool. Or, go to, this will tell you how much bandwidth you have available for Sendplus to use.
I still have questions, who can answer them?
We would love to hear from you, email or tweet to @_sendplus